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Heavy-duty cantilever racks are widely used in many industries for storing materials such as tubing, pipe, lumber and other items with long length, irregular shape or configurations. Cantilever storage racks are also used extensively in the lumber and building materials business for outdoor yard storage structures such as T-sheds, and rack supported drive-through buildings.

  • Single or double sided
  • Columns up to 48 feet
  • Tapered arms
  • Heavy gauge welded brace panels

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Perfect for storage, flexible and easy to assemble, cantilever rack systems may be one answer to help convert your warehouse or lumber yard into a showroom.

Other advantages of cantilever racking include:

  • Instant accessibility
  • Able to store cargo loads or individual items
  • Storage for items that wouldn’t fit
  • Smaller footprint than floor stacking
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Reduces handling times for large loads

Not all cantilever racking is built to last. That’s why we only offer cantilever racking from a trusted supplier — Meco Omaha. This company’s cantilever products are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can find a storage solution that fits right into your facility. What’s more, Meco Omaha cantilever arms are completely adjustable, offering versatile storage that suits a wide range of use cases.

Meco’s cantilever uprights are punched on both sides, so you can use double configuration if you you have a large enough base. The Meco Omaha line of products is available in a wide range of base sizes, making it easy to support loads both light and heavy. If you ever need to expand up on your cantilever racking, Omaha is 100% modular, giving you the means to replace or increase the number of cantilever arms in your facility.

Whether your needs center around cantilever racking, or any of our other racking product types, Toyota Lift of Minnesota is ready to partner with you to resolve your warehouse and material handling needs.

Call us now, or simply use our contact form on this page, we’re anxious to serve you.

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