pallet flow rackingMaximize Warehouse Utilization

With a pallet flow rack system, your storage can double or triple capacity compared to conventional pallet rack. If your company does a significant amount of pallet or carton order picking, pallet flow can save you time, warehouse space and money. If loaded from the back and unloaded from the front, pallet flow systems are a first-in-first-out system thus are capable of product rotation.

Pallet flow rack storage systems feature two components: a rack structure and rails (that look like skate wheel) that support and move the pallets in the racking system. The rails are sloped from one end moving them down to the other end which is the exit side, allowing gravity to do all the work for you so that you don’t have to. Each aisle rails has an integrated brake that gently slows the pallet as they move, keeping them from damaging other pallets or falling off the rack.

Gravity Flow Racking Systems

Perfect for fast moving product with first-in/first-out stock rotation.

  • Full case picking
  • Dense storage with minimal aisles
  • Able to accommodate full pallet loads
  • Heavy duty skate wheels provide excellent rolling surface for loads to flow

Pallet flow racking ensures that the picking aisle has access to stocked pallets at all times. When properly maintained, a pallet flow racking system will last for many years. That’s because pallet racking systems feature durable load-bearing wheels. Rotating inventory makes it easier for your team to expedite picking efforts — especially important if you have items that will expire.

Because pallet flow racks rely on gravity rather than electricity, they can provide an economical solution for companies that want to save on utilities. The possible configurations for a pallet flow racking system means that you can take advantage of this type of storage whether you work in a large building or your space is limited.

There are several types of pallet flow rack systems, and the one you choose depends on your application:

  • Drive-in: This is a high density storage option with plenty of room for forklifts to navigate aisles. Not the top choice for businesses that constantly rotate inventory.
  • Push-back: This option provides plenty of space for individual storage levels and is a great choice for high-rotation applications.
  • Selective: These are best for manufacturers producing a wide range of SKUs. Enable your team to access individual pallets without moving others.
  • Cantilever: This pallet flow rack system is best suited for companies that need to store long items such as pipes or lumber. Cantilever systems have a single vertical column that supports heavy arm extensions.

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