Easy Access with Push Back Racking

Push back pallet storage racks operate by placing pallets on a series of nesting carts fed forward by gravity on structural steel rails. As a pallet is loaded from the front of the pallet racking systems, it pushes the pallet behind it back one pallet position. When unloading a pallet for the push back pallet rack system, the front pallet is removed and the rear pallets automatically come forward leaving the next pallet in the front picking position. This allows for easily accessible Last in / First out (LIFO) inventory management.

Operators can store pallets up to five positions deep, with front only pallet loading from a single aisle. Push back pallet racking systems offer more versatile storage than drive-in racking systems because each lane flows independently and vertical storage operates separately from lanes below. Multiple pick facings for a variety of SKUs can be stored and retrieved without disturbing other product above or below in a single-lane or double-lane format.

Push back racking systems provide a large range of benefits that don’t come with other types of conveyors. This type of system allows you to:

  • Increase the number of SKUs you keep in storage
  • Save time by eliminating the need to manually remove obstructive items
  • Gain storage rack area with a single-aisle design
  • More easily load and unload pallets
  • Smoothly roll carts with large coated wheels
  • Reduce maintenance requirements
  • Enhance safety by eliminating the need for lifts to enter the rack

Beyond these benefits, push back pallet racks increase the amount of total storage space you have available in your facility. This is perhaps the largest advantage to this type of conveyor, as every square inch of available space matters in the majority of today’s warehouses. However, unlike most high-density options, you don’t need to sacrifice your ability to easily remove items while the system is in use.

puch back racking diagramPush Back Racking System Help

Toyota Lift of Minnesota has an established record for designing and delivering high quality push back rack systems in both roll formed and structural steel. We have implemented thousands of storage aid systems worldwide utilizing push back rack by itself or part of a larger material handling system.

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