rivetier shelving

Warehouse Needs Change

Maximize your use of your space with industrial shelving systems that are strong, durable and can be built and moved with relative ease. Demands on storage change constantly, both in volume and in product. Don’t get caught with shelving that cannot follow those changing needs. Work with our warehousing staff to get you set up for your current requirements, as well as those you’ll likely experience in the future whether it is for your warehouse or your garage storage shelves.

Rivetier is a very strong and solid shelving unit that will easily handle very heavy or bulky loads. Shelves up to 4′ x 8′ are capable of handling bulky, hard-to-store loads with uninterrupted long spans of storage space. A perfect storage solution in wire shelving or other alternatives.

Some of the advantages of this type of shelving include:

Efficiency Improvements:

Assemble and disassemble your shelving system at any time, no matter your industry. If business is picking up, you’re going to need more warehouse space to meet demand. RiveTier shelving features a modular design that can be assembled, used in one configuration, then disassembled and installed in another location quickly. RiveTier makes stacking shelves simple, as the only tool necessary for assembly is a rubber mallet.

Product Access Improvements:

Easily-transportable shelves are only useful if the shelves are accessible. Thankfully, RiveTier prioritizes accessibility with each of its shelving models. Just four corner beams stand between workers and inventory with RiveTier shelves. That equates to easier storing and retrieving for a more efficient workflow. Rather than reaching to lift heavy items towards the back of a shelf, employees can simply walk to the other side, reducing the risk of injury.

Simple Assembly

RiveTier shelving is designed to be foolproof. There are no bolts in these types of shelves, so you never have to worry about finding a toolset to move your storage. It only takes one rubber mallet to construct these shelves in minutes. What’s more, the shelves are built with 12 gauge steel to be freestanding structures. You can feel confident that when properly assembled, the shelves will be ready to provide large amounts of stable storage space.

Rivetier Shelving: Long Span Units

  • Decked units ship ready to install with all needed components
  • Units without decking allow you to reduce shipping costs and purchase decking locally
  • Typically decked with particleboard 5/8″ underlayment grade particle board
  • Mitred beams reduce the number of parts—eliminating the need for separate left-to-rights (LR’s) and front-to-backs (FB’s)
  • Assembles faster than metal shelving and requires no sway braces
  • Common T-posts serve as an economical starter or adder system

Rivetier Shelving: Low Profile

  • Low profile shelving provides the same slim profile as metal shelving at a much lower cost, perfect for garage storage
  • All purpose; ideal for assembly, shipping, maintenance and general storage (sometimes called “single rivet shelving”)
  • Utilize it for spans up to 4′ wide
  • Concealed shelf edge provide a clean appearance; because it has no sway braces, you have full access from all sides
  • Decked units ship ready to install with decking & all needed components
  • Shelves without decking allow you to save on shipping costs and purchase decking locally

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