forklifts in warehouseAh the warranty department sometimes referred to as the “sales deterrent department.” I’ve written before, warranty happens. Troublesome, unexpected and disruptive and by all accounts something all manufacturers work to resolve quickly and efficiently.

I passed on an opportunity to help moderate a discussion recently about warranty. I imagine some of the harsher realities about warranty were discussed. Topics probably centered around the amount of time original equipment manufacturers [OEM] give dealerships to troubleshoot and repair warrantable breakdowns, the discussion may have even touched on the work involved inside the office that also comes into play when a dealership is working on the customer’s behalf. Truth be known, warranty coverage can and does often rely on the information a dealership can provide to the OE surrounding the equipment failure.

Forklift Warranty Administration

warranty statementWarranty can be ugly, customers can and often do expect any breakdown to be covered in the warranty period, and manufacturers are less than open to paying for “any” repair citing a lack of control over the circumstances surrounding the claim, putting any dealership between opposing demands. The dealership for its part must first review the repair and determine that warranty is called for, then work to process a claim so that it is.

Therefore any dealership selling a product has to have the infrastructure and will available to support the customer at all turns, especially when a warranty claim may be involved. From the customer service rep that may do the initial investigating, to the technical support staff that is called upon to write a technical brief in support of the claim. Warranty isn’t spelled g-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e, manufacturers continually screen claims in an effort to discern between those that merit coverage and those that don’t. Often there are gray areas that left to stand on their own wouldn’t make the warranty cut. Getting claims like this covered is where a dealership proves its mettle.

We know we do, does your OE dealership do the same for you?

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