Forklift FrustrationCertainly “warranty” can be simply a marketing buzzword used in the sale of just about any product. The word is thrown out as if it is some perfect blanket of protection to us the consumer. As consumers, we quickly take comfort that it has been spoken of, even if we suspect that its application when called on is sometimes is less than adequate.

Yes, warranty happens, and as a dealership in service to our customers, we are the means by which warranty, when called upon is managed or sought. Even, in some cases chased after.

Our role as a dealership is to be the go between in any matter involving a warranty between the consumer and the manufacturer. The easy bits happen under standard circumstances, when there is a certain failure within the hours or time limits defined by the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty. The tougher parts are where we like to think we start to shine.

forklift warrantyForklift Warranty: We Are Your Advocate

TLM is your ardent supporter, working to make sure the manufacturers we represent understand the circumstances a failure has happened. As consumers ourselves, I think we bring our own hopes for responsibility by the manufacture to the review and the request. Certainly we are closer to you the customer, and in all cases more knowledgeable about the circumstances the failure occurred under than those we report to. We have a duty to ensure your case is reviewed closely by the manufacturer so it gets a fair review. Thankfully we are blessed to represent some of the most responsible manufacturers in the industry.

One word of caution, our field technicians can only point out the need for warranty inspection. This action, or anything they might say does not imply that warranty will be received. We do train them to report failures and communicate that to you, but they are not authorized to do any more. You may also request this of them if you suspect a breakdown is in fact warrantable.

We believe that there must be service after the sale. We feel strongly that being your partner includes making certain the equipment you purchased performs well in its role in your business. When and if trouble manifests itself, in all cases we are there to work with you.

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